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"Do it till you are blue in the face. Do it when you don't want to do it. Be bigger than yourself." --Nate Phillips


Like many podcasters, my guest today is many things. Nate Phillips is the VP of the Journey Into Comics Network. He also hosts four shows including, The Voice Of Survival Podcast, Foodies Watching Movies, Journey Into Comics, and Journey Into Wrestling. You can find and subscribe to the entire network of shows at


Nate's Podcasting Smarter Tips: 

  • After losing an epic podcast episode due to his board glitching out, he is now super precautious and immediately turns the board off after recording so the file saves immediately. 
  • Nate discovered that his strength as a podcaster was helping other new podcasters develop their talents and produce their own shows. This has helped grow his network into a diverse group of shows run by a team of dedicated, passioate podcast hosts. 
  • Because it was easy and inexpensive, they started off by putting all the network shows on a single RSS Feed. As the individual shows have gained momentum, they are now in the process of giving each show a dedicated RSS Feed, and social media identities. 
  • Their primary goal is to produce diverse, entertaining, and engaging content. 
  • Nate had been fortunate in having committed hosts join his network. If that ever changes, he would understands, and would just ask that they have an exit show for the listeners. It's important that everyone is still having fun. 
  • He pays attention to all the details of the content being produced in his network. If he discovers something subpar, he gently reaches out to the host or producer to help them improve for the betterment of the network as a whole. 
  • Nate studies his hosts' speech patterns and is sensitive to an overuse of filler words. 
  • Nate wants to continually learn while looking ahead to the growth and development of the network. 
  • They are currently using Patreon as a way to monetize their network, and engage with their audience by providing early releases and bonus content as their reward levels. They are now close to having all of their hosting costs covered through crowdfunding. 
  • You have to put the work in, and roll with the punches such as the time recently when he had to fill in for a host who couldn't make his recording time for his political podcast. 
  • It is a rewarding experience to be able to work with a pool of people with unique talents. He also enjoys finding new talent and supporting them. 
  • Podcasting takes commitment and dedication. You have to do it when you don't want to. Sometimes, your best content will happen during these times. 


Nate's hypothetical podcast about his life: "Darkness Giving Way To Light" 

Nate's Fantasy Podcasters: Johnny Carson and David Letterman


You can subscribe to the Journey Into Comics network on Podbean, iTunes, Stitcher and your favorite podcast player. 



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Norm Bour is the producer and host of Vape Radio (the voice of and for businesses within the Vape Space) and the founder of VapeMentors. Norm shares his insight as a business man who has found his podcast to be a powerful marketing tool in his niche. But first, we start with a few podcasting confessions this week. 


Norm's Podcasting Smarter Tips: 

  • Norm recommends having a podcast as an adjunct to any niche business as a powerful, and multi-use marketing tool. 
  • Norm admits he is not the most knowledgable person in his industry, but by interviewing experts in the Vaping industry, he has learned a lot, and become an authority by virtue of having a podcast that puts valuable information out about the Vaping business. This model will work with any niche business. 
  • His podcast has given him VIP access to industry events because Vape Radio qualifies him as a member of the media. 
  • Norm has also had the opportunity to speak at industry events all over the world thanks to the authority he has established in the Vape space with his book and podcast. 
  • Norm stresses that it is important to understand your audience. With so much competition for attention, podcasts who find a specific audience will have success. In his case, his audience is Vape business owners or future business owners. By having such a specific audience, he knows what they need to know, what they are passionate about, and where they hang out on and offline. 
  • Norm recommends podcasting about something you are extremely passionate about. Most likely you will not directly monetize your podcast so its important that you love your topic, and get personal fulfillment from your podcast to have any hope for longevity. 


Norm's hypothetical podcast about his life: "He Never Gave Up" **This comes with a powerful story from Norm that will give you chills.

Norm's Fantasy Podcaster:  John F. Kennedy 


Be sure to check out Vape Radio on Podbean and iTunes and take a look at all that Norm has accomplished with the help of his podcast at


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Andre Kane of The Electric Radio Show, a syndicated radio show and podcast. ​Andre has a background in morning radio that goes back to 1998, and he met his current co-host in 2001. In 2008, they started their own morning radio show on an FM station where they took the #1 spot. Andre loves the podcasting platform, and I loved chatting with him about his podcasting and radio expereinces. 


Andre's Podcasting Smarter Tips: 

  • It was very important to Andre to be heard in every format possible in order to grow an audience as efficiently as possible. In 2014, Andre and his co-host saw the opportunity to increase the digital reach of their syndicated terrestrial radio show by making it available in the podcasting medium. In addition to podcasting, and terrestrial radio, The Electric Radio Show has used internet radio, a live streaming platform, to reach new audiences. 
  • Don't be afraid to reach out to internet radio stations, to see if your show is a good fit. Andre makes the distinction between internet radio and a podcast by defining interbet radio as a live stream. 
  • The long-term chemistry and work ethic with his co-host, Jack Hammer, and the rest of their team is a crucial element to their growth and success. Their combined passion keeps them producing consistent content over a significant period of time. 
  • Andre and his team focused on growth instead of monetization. They focused on growth. Andre decided to concentrate on content and distribution before monetization. They are currently heard on 60 radio stations. He believes the money will come with an enthusastic audience and compelling content. 
  • There is no reason an indie podcaster can't have a professional sounding show. 
  • In terrestrial radio there are harch consequences for a drop in ratings. That means terrestrial radio broadcasters learned how to keep an audience engaged by teasing segments, etc. Podcasters can learn a lot about audience retention by studying professional radio broadcasters. 
  • They are looking into expanding their show to include podcast-only episodes so they can take advantage of the freedoms they have in podcasting, but not in radio due of FCC regulations. 
  • When you are syndicated, there are several monetization models. 
  • Don't give up. Go into podcasting knowing that you will have failures because it is difficult to grow an audience and produce a good show. Both things take time, but if you don't give up, and concentrate on getting better, you will get there. 


Andre's hypothetical podcast about his life: "The Life of Andre"

Andre's Fantasy Podcaster: Jim Morrison

Listen to The Electric Radio Show on Podbean, iTunes, and Stitcher

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube




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On this episode of Podcasting Smarter, Vernon and Jen record in the hallways immediately following the end of Podcast Movement. Admittedly, the background noise makes the sound quality on this one a bit sub par, but the Samson Go mic and the Podbean App pick up our voices just fine. Hope you stick with us! :)  

Episode Highlights: 

  • Podbean and Samson partner to give away a podcast studio set up every month. Enter HERE
  • Podbean announces the addition of dynamic ad insertion.
  • Choose sponsors for your show that are a good fit for your audience. 
  • New podcasters are approaching their shows with a plan, thanks to events like Podcast Movement


Here are the Samson Mics mentioned in this episode!  







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It's time for our monthly "Spill the Podbeans" episode!  Jen and Vernon from the Podbean Team, share podcasting news and updates from Podbean with our Podbean Family. Podbean has rolled out more new features and improvements to make your podcasting experience even more rich and productive. Soundcloud is also in trouble, and we discuss what that means for podcasters. 

You can also find news and announcements from Podbean on Facebook and Twitter, We hope you enjoy this episode! If you did, we would appreciate a review on iTunes and Stitcher

We want to hear from you! Do you have a podcasting question? Send us your questions, and we will answer it on the podcast and mention your show! email: 


Podbeans Spilled: 


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Arnie Calvalho began podcasting in 2005 when he started the very first podcast about dedicated to Star Wars collecting, the award-winning Star Wars Action News.  Fast forward to today, and he now now running a successful network of shows under the umbrella of Venganza Media which includes the following podcasts: Now Playing Podcast, Books and Nachos, and Marvelicious Toys. Now, Arnie, and his team are leading a multi-media dynasty that includes audio and video content, a blog, and now even a book called Underrated Movies We Recommend derived from the Now Playing Podcast, and now available for pre-order! 

Arnie's Podcasting Smarter Tips: 

  • Arnie gained traction with his first podcast, Star Wars Action News, by reaching out to Star Wars collector web sites, and other Star Wars podcasts. Those relationships led to a fan base, as well as feedback on how to make their show better. 
  • This first podcast led them to doing live shows, and hosting events for Star Wars fans. By getting out of the studio, they got to know their listeners. 
  • Arnie turns down a lot of sponsorship opportunities because he doesn't want to endorse a product he doesn't personally believe in. 
  • He has experienced monetization success with a premium content model combined with listener support through crowdfunding. 
  • Listener engagement keeps everything excitign and rewarding, and his team ensures that the listeners are always responded to, and consitently runed to for feedback. 
  • Growing a community around each of his network shows has played a critical part of their success. 
  • Producing consistent content is paramount for podcast success. Your audience should look forward to your podcast like a T.V. show. Arnie hasn't missed producing a Tuesday episode of Now Playing in over 300 weeks. Wow, that is dedication! 
  • Care enough about your show to edit it. Your listeners should always have a pleasant listening experience. 
  • Arnie couldn't do it without a stellar team that works hard to produce quality shows, promote, and engage with their audiences. 
  • Early on, Arnie took his podcast production seriously, and treated it like a business which set the foundation for his future success. 
  • Podcasting takes you to unexpected places. Arnie is publishing his first book based on the Now Playing Podcast. 


Arnie's hypothetical podcast about his life: "4 Shot Mocha, No Sleep" 

Arnies Fantasy Podcaster: Mark Twain


Subscribe to the Now Playing Podcast on Podbean and iTunes. Find and subscribe to all of the shows on Venganza Media




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Jennifer and Vernon at PodFest MultiMedia Expo


This week on Podcasting Smarter, Jen and Vernon from the Podbean Team, share news and updates from Podbean with our Podbean Family. Podbean has rolled out a lot of new features and improvements to make your podcasting experience even more rich and productive.

Although we share announcements on Facebook and Twitter, we thought it would be nice to tell you a little bit more about these things. We look forward to bringing you a monthly "Spill The Podbeans" episodes to keep everyone up to date on everything going on here at Podbean! We hope you enjoy this episode! 


Podbeans Spilled: 


You can also listen to Podcasting Smarter on iTunes and Stitcher! Questions for Jen and Vernon? Send them to and we will answer them on the show! :)  


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Our first repeat guest is Josh Hallmark from the Our Americana, and The Karen & Ellen Letters Podcasts. We've invited him back to talk to us about his #2PodsADay campaign that has been gaining real momentum in the podcasting world. 2PodsADay brings much needed attention to indie podcasts by introducing two episodes a day from two indie podcasts from May 15th-June 13th. We also get lots of updates on his shows, and what he has learned along this fantastical podcast journey! 


Podcasting Smarter Tips & Updates From Josh: 

  • Josh encourages podcasters to treat their podcast like a business from the beginning if your goal is to someday earn a living from it. You have to pound the pavement and not treat like a hobby, or it wil be a hobby. 
  • Rather than whine about the plight of indie podcasts and their challenge in getting the attention that commercial networks, celebrities, and public radio get, Josh started the 2 Pods A Day campaign. Check it out, and help keep up the momentum that Josh started! 
  • For better engagement, Josh recommends incorporating yoru fans into your show. It means carving out significant time to give your audience the attention it wants anddeserves. 
  • The Karen & Ellen Letters will start their second and final season in November. The show has been a whirlwind of surprises for him and his audience, and what he has learned in the process contradicts all of his intial theories about the four characters from the letters. 
  • He almost gave up his desire to do a true crime podcast because he felt the genre was getting over-saturated. Luckily, he discovered a unique approach to the genre that will allow him to produce a unique show. True Crime BullSh*t will debut in the near future. 
  • When his workload got too much with his most profitable show, Our Americana, he found a way to produce a different kind of episode that is easier to produce and will allow him to keep the show consistent. 
  • He is so excited about his upcoming podcast which compares the stories of former public access celebrities with modern YouTube stars. 
  • The season finale of the Karen & Ellen Letters Podcast will be performed live at DC PodFest in November! 


Keep is with all of Josh's shows via the Our American Network. We can't wait to see what he accomplishes next! 


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Today, I am chatting with John Zhu, the host and producer of the “Romance Of The Three Kingdoms Podcast”. John is on a mission with his podcast to retell the ancient Chinese novel, “Romance Of The Three Kingdoms” in a way that makes it relevant and accessible to a modern audience. With 800,000 words and nearly a thousand dramatic characters to cover, this is quite an ambitious undertaking.


"Once you get a certain number of listeners, word of mouth becomes a significant tool for promoting." --John Zhu, Host and Producer of The Romance Of The Three Kingdoms Podcast


John's Podcasting Smarter Tips: 

  • Being born in China, but living most of his life in the Unites States, John wanted to produce a Chinese-related podcast. After doing some research, he discovered there wasn't a show covering classic Chinese literature, and he saw an opportunity to introduce a significant piece of Chinese culture to a Western audience. 
  • John was influenced by master storytellers he used to hear on the radio in China. He knew he needed to use the podcast to make the novel more accessible through good storytelling. 
  • John takes 3-4 hours to write a script for each episode! He also provides supplemental resources for his audience like maps, and death tolls. 
  • John learned that his voice and energy waned after 30 minutes, so he shortened his episodes in order to improve the quality of the show. 
  • John listens back to his recordings closely so he can make his voice more dynamic. This means doing different takes to get the recording sounding the way he wants it to. 
  • John tapped into his audience with online forums. Since his podcast covers a niche subject, he was able to find people in history and Chinese forums as well as Facebook groups who were interested in his subject matter.
  • John has also enjoyed spikes in downloads after being a guest on other Chinese-related podcasts. 
  • Although John has received donations for his podcast, he has no plans to monetize the podcast. His rewards come from the creative outlet, and the positive feedback from his audiece. 
  • John learned several new skills through podcasting that translate well to his career in media. 
  • Before you record, consider if you will still be excited about your topic or premise 6 months from now. How will you keep going after the initial excitement wears off? 
  • Don't rush to publish, but start recording now so you can work on getting better. Listen back and see where you need to improve. Once you are happy, publish. 


John's Fantasy Podcaster: Julius Caesar 

John's Hypothetical Podcast About His Life: East Meets West 

Please listen and subscribe to the Romance Of The Three Kingdoms Podcast on Podbean, iTunes, and Stitcher. Follow on Twitter and Facebook too! :)  




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Josh Hallmark is the podcast host and producer of not only the Our Americana Podcast, but also the podcast network of the same name. The Our Americana Podcast Network curates and creates podcasts that celebrate American storytelling, mythology, and folklore. It's also home to it's titillating new show with a quickly growing cult-like following, The Karen & Ellen Letters. The Karen & Ellen Letters are a series of real letters from the 1980s between a landlord and his two, naive and unbelievaby demanding young, female tenants. We discuss how the unique premise of this podcast has all the elements for Serial-Like success. 


Josh's Podcasting Smarter Tips: 

  • After a six month road trip around America, Josh discovered podcasts (starting with Serial), and also discovered he had a story to tell about small town America. The yearning to stay connected to the small towns he visited, was what inspired his first podcast, Our Americana. 
  • Podcasts give us an opportunity to have open-minded conversations with non like-minded people. We can use this to change false perceptions about people, and communities different than ourselves. 
  • Josh's biggest obstacle is financial. He doesn't have the resources to record in a studio, so he doesn't have the sound quality he'd like. 
  • Josh uses a primitive process for recording by using his iphone earbuds in his dining room. 
  • Right now, he is doing all the recording, marketing, PR. editing, research, and production. He can work 100 hours a week, and it never seems to be enough. 
  • Josh podcasts full-time. He hopes to continue monetizing through listener support. After he passes the $1,000 a month threshold, he plans to give back to charities that support the people in the small towns he has grown to love. 
  • The Our Americana Network has three additional shows launching this year. Including a show that is hosted by a young trans woman, documenting her raw, non-political story of gender transition. 
  • Josh has the support of his boyfriend who is 110% behind what Josh is creating. Podcasting without that support would be extremely difficult. 
  • Josh is a bit nervous about the popularity of The Karen & Ellen Letters. Some of his listeners are rabid fans, and have done their own sleuthing to find the real identities of Karen and Ellen. 
  • Josh has to work on taking on too much. He is working on how to incorporate help as he monetizes. 
  • He doesn't think what podcasts are making in general is out of sinc with the amount of work that goes into producing a quality show. 
  • Josh wants to see a Hulu-like model in the future of podcasting that celebrates good, indie producers, not just the usual shows in the top 100 lists on iTunes. 


Josh's Fantasy Podcaster: Carole Radziwill of the Real Housewives of NYC

Josh's Hypothetical Podcast About His Life: "It's Ok To Laugh At This

You can listen to The Karen and Ellen letters on Podbean and iTunes. Once you get addicted to the show, join the Karen & Ellen Letters Facebook group



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