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This week on Podcasting Smarter, Jen talks to Graham Duke of the Rex Factor Podcast. Rex Factor is a light-hearted podcast reviewing all the kings and queens of England & Scotland. On each episode, Graham and Ali determine if the monarch has the mark of greatness, known as the Rex Factor!

It all started with a pub conversation and a friendly debate about great monarchs. That conversation is now a weekly, award winning, themed podcast with over a million downloads. Graham shares with us how they created a community as well as financial support for the show through their creative crowd funding efforts.

Podcasting Smarter Tips from Rex Factor:

  • Use your crowdfunding reward levels to create community. Rex Factor patrons become members of the special Privy Council and get access to premium episodes.
  • Your fans will want to financially support your show and you can do more for them with their funding.
  • Have fun with your audience. Rex Factor top level patrons get to commission an episode which becomes the premium content available only to the Privy Council.
  • They started an "insider" hashtag that fans use that references an episode about a monarch with a less than memorable mark in history. #RememberAed
  • Make sure you have good audio quality from the beginning.
  • Take the time to set up your website, determining your format, your work flow process, tone, and branding of your show before jumping into.

Must Listen To Episode: 44. Charles II (Restoration)

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This week on Podcasting Smarter, we are recording from Podcast Movement 2016 with Shawn and Richard, the co-hosts and producers of The Language of Bromance Podcast. This episode was recorded using Podbean's mobile app recording feature and the Go Mic by Samson. I picked it up at the Samson booth the day we recorded! It's only $40!

We purposefully left an interruption in the recording since it was part of the experience of recording during the Podcast Movement conference.

Richard and Shawn initially started podcasting as a means to stay connected after moving apart. Now, two years later, they are part of the PodBros Network, and have a growing community of rabid fans who enjoy the hilarious worlds they create around obscure, historical events.

"Always remember why you are doing your podcast. Praise is humbling, but that doesn't make me talk into the mic, it encourages me to talk into the mic." --Richard

Must Listen To Episode: 84 Planet Of The Emus  (seriously, I laughed so hard, I cried.)

The podcast has been an impressive creative outlet for Shawn and Richard. Their unique storytelling has led them to film making, and creating comics. Adult coloring books may even be in their future.

Podcasting Smarter Tips from Shawn and Richard:

  • Don't be afraid to experiment with your show. Not everything will work, and that is ok. Keep creating!
  • Promote your show on Reddit. The community holds you accountable. You have to give to get in Reddit communities.
  • Don't waste your audiences time. They have lots of choices.
  • Don't be afraid to edit things out.
  • Create a community around your show. They have the L.O.B. Army.
  • Podcasting leads to many unexpected opportunities. 

You can find The Language of Bromance on Twitter and Facebook!



"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” -Walt Disney

Welcome to the first show of our first season of Podcasting Smarter!  Joining us on this episode is Mike Rahlmann, host of the Be Our Guest (WDW) Podcast! With over 5.5 million downloads and morethan 1,000 episodes, the Be Our Guest Podcast is a trusted resource for anyone wanting to squeeze all the fun they can out of their Walt Disney World experience.

Mike generously shares his eight year odyssey of podcasting, and his enthusiasm for the platform has only grown over the years. He credits the community that grew around his podcast for him finding a new career as a WDW travel agent, for running marathons, travelling and for conquering his fear of flying.

"One of the powers of podcasting is that you can make a difference." --Mike Rahlmann

Mike's Podcasting Smarter Tips: 

  • Mike recommends aligning your podcast with a charity to see the power that your podcast has to make a difference. The Be Our Guest Podcast will be podcasting for 12 hours straight on Sun. July 31, 2016 to raise money for Give Kids The World. Last year, they raised over $20,000 from their amazing audience.
  • The key to Mike's podcasting success has been community. He encourages us to connect with our listeners on a deeper level both online and off. His show has done this by organizing a running team, having annual cruises, being active and curious on social media, and incorporating listeners into their show. 
  • Mike shares how by adding a live show into his podcasting schedule his team opened up a different kind of engagement with their audience. He uses a combination of Mixlr and Skype to make that magic happen.

We are thrilled to have the Be Our Guest Podcast in the Podbean family of podcasts. You can listen to the Be Our Guest Podcast on Podbean, iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play. You can also connect with their incredible community on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for listening! You can tweet at us @podbeancom and we invite you to join our Podcasting Smarter Facebook Group!


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