On this episode, we are shaken and stirred by Mike Stojic, the host and creator of Make It A Double--The podcast that talks booze, spirits, history, mixology, and the people and stories that make them great.

Mike mixes us up a cocktail of great advice on this episode of Podcasting Smarter.


Mike's Podcasting Smarter Tips:

  • Mike invests extra time editing his podcast in order to tell a story in a creative, entertaining fashion.
  • He finds all his music at freemusicarchive.org where he selects the perfect music for the mood of his show. He puts attributes for all the music on his website.
  • Find your passion. Anyone can talk. but not everyone has a passion they can share that they enjoy talking about.
  • The best guests are great storytellers, and the best storytellers have a passion.
  • He grows his audience through his guests' networks, and by collaborating with other podcasters with sponsor spot exchanges and cross promoting.
  • He uses Facebook ads to promote his episodes and sees a jump in downloads when he does.
  • Mike keeps his studio simple with an ipad, 2 mics, and a 2 channel amp. He records directly into his ipad using BossJock.
  • Podcasting led Mike to his partner in his soon to open bar, Revival 1869, as well as friendships with people in the spirits business that have helped him develop his bar menu.


Mike's Fantasy Podcaster(s): Quentin Tarantino & Boris Johnson

Mike's Hypothetical Podcast ABout His Life: The Wandering Whiskey Adventures 

Start with Episode 1 of Make It A Double titled, Moonshine and thank me later! :)

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