On this episode of Podcasting Smarter, I am joined by Dave Bullis who is a
screenwriter, director, producer, and podcaster in the Philadelphia area. He is just one person, and his show, the Dave Bullis Podcast was voted one of the best filmmaking podcasts by Mentorless, the Indie Film Academy. And Podbean.

Dave Bullis' Podcasting Smarter Tips:

  • Don't underestimate the value of creating. Podcasting reignited Dave's creativite spark and got him writing again.
  • Podcasting will expand your network by giving you a reason to connect with interesting and influential people by inviting them on your podcast.
  • Everyone has a unique story based on their journey. Even when they come from the same background or industry.
  • Instead of looking at podcast production as a ton of work, be happy that you get to do it and reap all its benefits.
  • Find guests by having a contact form on your website, getting previous guest recommendations, and scouring social media.
  • Make it easy for guests to share their episode by emailing them with links to the show. Also tag them on social media with a photo, and use their name as a hashtag.
  • Dave monetized his show by a combination of crowdfunding, and Amazon as well as Audible Affiliate links.
  • Dave's favorite productivity tool is Evernote.
  • Have a specialized angle. The barriers to entry are so low, you are now in a war for eyeballs and ears. You need to stand out.

Dave' fantasy podcaster: Mel Brooks

Dave's hypothetical podcast about his life: WTF with Dave Bullis, a comedy show.

Best starter episode of the Dave Bullis Podcast: Episode 131-Joseph Poliquin

You can find the Dave Bullis Podcast on Podbean, iTunes, and Stitcher.  Don't forget to follow him on Twitter and Facebook too!

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