"You've gotta think big to be big." --Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen is the founder and owner of The Libertarian Republic, and the host of The Freedom Report podcast. Austin  grew The Freedom Report podcast into a popular, political news source which now earns over a million downloads a month. Austin credits the influence of his podcast for his former candidacy for the Libertarian Party's 2016 nomination for President of the United States. He came in second to Gary Johnson. 

Podcasting Smarter Tips From Austin Petersen:

  • It can be dangerous to share how you truly feel on your podcast. You risk alienating people. You may lose career opportunities.
  • On the future of podcasting: Podcasts will be important in advancing individualism, and will take power away from mainstream media, and corporations.
  • Find a niche that is not being served well and hopefully aligns with your passion and/or your business. Don't do what everyone else is doing unless you can offer a unique value proposition.
  • With regard to social media: Think of your followers and fans as customers. Give the people what they want. Always serve your audience. Think about what they want to know, and what interests them.
  • Social media engagement has a dollar value of about $1.50 per thousand, so build your audience and engagement to attract advertisers.
  • Your audience will connect with you based on your attitude. What you put out there, you will get back.
  • You can attract people to you through your podcast that can help you advance your cause, promote your idea, or even marketing your business. 

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