"The more we are willing to reach out and help each other, the better the world will be."

-- Bruce Langford 

Bruce Langford is not only the host of the Mindfulness Mode Podcast, but he is also a life coach and mindfulness counselor. Stay in this moment, because Bruce is going to help us wrap our minds around our microphones and be more calm, focused and intentional podcasters!

Podcasting Smarter Tips From Bruce:

  • Three ways podcasters can be more mindful: 1. Meditate daily. 2. Use the power of habit and read the book, Power of Habit. 3. Make it a professional thing, and take it seriously. 
  • Don't strive for perfection. 80% is usually good enough to get things done, and move on to the next project. Don't let perfection be your excuse not to launch. 
  • Don't be afraid to request interviews from big name guests such as best selling authors. Be sure to do a little extra research, so you can approach from a place of knowledge. 
  • Preparation is a way to calm to your mind in times of stress and nervousness. Be prepared, and have back-up plans in place. 
Must-Listen To Episodes of The Mindfulness Mode Podcast: 

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