This week, I am joined by podcaster, Rebecca Duke. Rebecca is the co-host of the True Crime and Mysteries Podcast which is on a mission to bring awareness and ultimately, resolution to victims of violent crime. She and her co-host Michael give victims a voice through advocacy and real investigative journalism, using their podcast.


Rebecca's Podcasting Smarter Tips:

  • Rebecca had an idea to do more than entertain with a podcast. She now uses her podcast to act as an advocate for crime victims, and actively investigates criminal cases. She podcasts with a purpose!
  • As a podcaster, she has found that witnesses are more willing to open up to her as a non-traditional journalist.
  • She feels that more podcasters can and should use the medium to act as journalists to help solve crimes, and complement the work of police departments because podcasters are less constrained and more agile.
  • Rebecca is an academic writer, so she finds storytelling challenging, but her co-host, Mike helps keep her on track--especially when she gets emotional.
  • Rebecca uses a facebook Group instead of a facebook Page to connect with her listeners, and keep them up to date on her investigation. Her Facebook group members will even jump in and help pick up court papers when she can't make the trip.
  • Rebecca has a crowdfunding campaign as well as Amazon affiliate links to raise money to help cover travel expenses related to th einvestigation work.
  • Eventually, Rebecca and Mike would like to buy a travel trailor and travel around the country to help bring awareness and their investigation skills to other cases in need.
  • Rebecca spends 40+ hours a week on her podcast!


Rebecca's Fantasy Podcaster is Charles Darwin

Rebecca's hypothetical podcast abour her life would be called "Organized Chaos"

Please check out their investigative series on the Tiffani Streling Case. Developmens are happening through their investigative efforts that may finally bring closure to this case and justice for Tiffani!

You can listen to True Crime and Mysteries Podcast on Podbean, iTunes, and Stitcher. Please follow the show on Twitter, and join their Facebook group to stay abreast of their work.


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