This week Jen talks to Dan Brenic, co-host of Netflix 'N Swill. Dan and his podcast partner, Caleb started podcasting after being inspired by their friends, The Epic Film Guys--another podcast in the Podbean Family. 


Key Podcasting Smarter Tips From This Episode: 

  • Dan prefers remote recording with Discord much better than Skype, and he tells us why he likes it so much better than Skype. 
  • Use decent mics--Dan uses the ATR2100 (so does Jen!) #micbonding
  • In the competitive genre of movie and T.V. review podcasts, it helped them to specialize in Netflix programming, and it happened to work for them as active Netflix subscribers. 
  • To market their podcast, Dan and Caleb use their Facebook Page, Twitter, and some Instagram. They also contribute to the community associated with the hashtag #PodernFamily. Twitter is working for them the best. 
  • They are constantly searching for new ways to market their show in order to reach new listeners. He feels they can only go so far with an existing audience. 
  • You are doing yourself and your listeners a disservice if you don't listen back to your podcast episodes. It is the most efficient way to improve your broadcasting skills, and speech patterns. 
  • They are currently monetized through listen support via Podbean's Patron program and Patreon. However, their podcast is not dependent on listener support, but it lets them know they are doing something right to have it. 
  • They got creative with their Patron rewards by coming up with rewards that engage their listeners by allowing them to choose what painful movies and shows they have to watch next. Fun! 
  • Dan's most sage piece of advice to concentrate on good audio quality because good content doesn't matter if it's painful to listen to. 


Dan's hypothetical podcast about his life: "Oh Boy: The Dan Brenic Story"

Dan's Fantasy Podcaster(s): The Founding Fathers

Please connect with Dan, and listen to Netflix 'N Swill here: 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/netflixnswill

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/netflixnswill/

Podbean: https://netflixnswill.podbean.com/

Website: https://www.netflixnswill.com/


Thank you so much for listening to another episode of Podcasting Smarter! If you have an idea for a topic, or know a Podbean podcaster who has something to share, please email Jennifer at jennifer@podbean.com 

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