Our first repeat guest is Josh Hallmark from the Our Americana, and The Karen & Ellen Letters Podcasts. We've invited him back to talk to us about his #2PodsADay campaign that has been gaining real momentum in the podcasting world. 2PodsADay brings much needed attention to indie podcasts by introducing two episodes a day from two indie podcasts from May 15th-June 13th. We also get lots of updates on his shows, and what he has learned along this fantastical podcast journey! 


Podcasting Smarter Tips & Updates From Josh: 

  • Josh encourages podcasters to treat their podcast like a business from the beginning if your goal is to someday earn a living from it. You have to pound the pavement and not treat like a hobby, or it wil be a hobby. 
  • Rather than whine about the plight of indie podcasts and their challenge in getting the attention that commercial networks, celebrities, and public radio get, Josh started the 2 Pods A Day campaign. Check it out, and help keep up the momentum that Josh started! 
  • For better engagement, Josh recommends incorporating yoru fans into your show. It means carving out significant time to give your audience the attention it wants anddeserves. 
  • The Karen & Ellen Letters will start their second and final season in November. The show has been a whirlwind of surprises for him and his audience, and what he has learned in the process contradicts all of his intial theories about the four characters from the letters. 
  • He almost gave up his desire to do a true crime podcast because he felt the genre was getting over-saturated. Luckily, he discovered a unique approach to the genre that will allow him to produce a unique show. True Crime BullSh*t will debut in the near future. 
  • When his workload got too much with his most profitable show, Our Americana, he found a way to produce a different kind of episode that is easier to produce and will allow him to keep the show consistent. 
  • He is so excited about his upcoming podcast which compares the stories of former public access celebrities with modern YouTube stars. 
  • The season finale of the Karen & Ellen Letters Podcast will be performed live at DC PodFest in November! 


Keep is with all of Josh's shows via the Our American Network. We can't wait to see what he accomplishes next! 

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