“You can be a very charismatic introvert.” Olivia Fox Cabane

This week on Podcasting Smarter, Beth Buelow is here to help us get out of our heads and into being smarter podcasters. Beth is the host of the Introvert Entrepreneur Podcast where she helps introverts amplify their strengths so they can become better leaders and entrepreneurs. She is also a business coach, author, blogger, and a professional speaker. Wowzer!

Beth's Podcasting Smarter Tips:

  • Introverts make great podcasters because they prefer one on one conversations, and tend to be the best listeners.
  • Due to the intimate nature of podcasts, they can be effective lead magnets for people with personal service businesses such as coaches. The podcast allows potential customers to get to know you, and trust you which makes it easy for them to decide to work with you.
  • Think of all the ways you can use your audio content. Beth re-purposed her podcast into a popular blog, and even wrote the book, The Introvert Entrepreneur.
  • Beth regrets not getting help with her podcast sooner because it could have saved her valuable time. She now spends $300 a month in podcast production help and show notes. This frees up her time to work with the paying clients that find her through the show! Smart!
  • By interviewing leaders in your field, and promoting their accomplishments you can create a "Circle of Champions" who will be eager to support you when needed.
  • Always stay true to the essence of your show even when you make changes to the format.
  • Beth uses TimeTrade to help with the scheduling of guests. She also uses a password protected form to collect details on her guests to save some research legwork. Her form was created with a Wordpress plugin called Formidable.
  • Introverted podcasters can find it overwhelming to attend podcast conferences so it's important to pace yourself, and practice self care. Beth suggests watching out for the "shoulds". As soon as you feel like there is something you should do, it's a sign that you may be making unrealistic assumptions.

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You can find Beth, her book and her podcast on her website at The Introvert Entrepreneur.

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