Andre Kane of The Electric Radio Show, a syndicated radio show and podcast. ​Andre has a background in morning radio that goes back to 1998, and he met his current co-host in 2001. In 2008, they started their own morning radio show on an FM station where they took the #1 spot. Andre loves the podcasting platform, and I loved chatting with him about his podcasting and radio expereinces. 


Andre's Podcasting Smarter Tips: 

  • It was very important to Andre to be heard in every format possible in order to grow an audience as efficiently as possible. In 2014, Andre and his co-host saw the opportunity to increase the digital reach of their syndicated terrestrial radio show by making it available in the podcasting medium. In addition to podcasting, and terrestrial radio, The Electric Radio Show has used internet radio, a live streaming platform, to reach new audiences. 
  • Don't be afraid to reach out to internet radio stations, to see if your show is a good fit. Andre makes the distinction between internet radio and a podcast by defining interbet radio as a live stream. 
  • The long-term chemistry and work ethic with his co-host, Jack Hammer, and the rest of their team is a crucial element to their growth and success. Their combined passion keeps them producing consistent content over a significant period of time. 
  • Andre and his team focused on growth instead of monetization. They focused on growth. Andre decided to concentrate on content and distribution before monetization. They are currently heard on 60 radio stations. He believes the money will come with an enthusastic audience and compelling content. 
  • There is no reason an indie podcaster can't have a professional sounding show. 
  • In terrestrial radio there are harch consequences for a drop in ratings. That means terrestrial radio broadcasters learned how to keep an audience engaged by teasing segments, etc. Podcasters can learn a lot about audience retention by studying professional radio broadcasters. 
  • They are looking into expanding their show to include podcast-only episodes so they can take advantage of the freedoms they have in podcasting, but not in radio due of FCC regulations. 
  • When you are syndicated, there are several monetization models. 
  • Don't give up. Go into podcasting knowing that you will have failures because it is difficult to grow an audience and produce a good show. Both things take time, but if you don't give up, and concentrate on getting better, you will get there. 


Andre's hypothetical podcast about his life: "The Life of Andre"

Andre's Fantasy Podcaster: Jim Morrison

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