"Success for me, for the podcast is making sure I have an interactive community." --Elijah Bailey

This week on Podcasting Smarter, I am joinedby Elijah Bailey who podcasts out of Blacken Studios; a professionalpodcast studio located in Oklahoma City. Elijah is the co-host of severalpodcasts including: The Elijah Bailey Show, The Black Box, Hoya The Warrior Way Podcast, and A Lil Bit O Anime. Get ready because you are about to learn how to be a podcast warrior.

Elijah's Podcasting Smarter Tips:

  • Don't obsess over downloads. Instead, focus on giving your audience what they want, so they want more.
  • Strive for joy in the production of your show while staying consistent, and producing quality content. When that joy is gone, it may be time to end your podcast.
  • As a co-host for several shows, he looks for a 50/50 split in responsibilities as well as a balance in air time on the show for a healthy, long-term working relationship.
  • Make it easy for people to find and listen to your show. Elijah's initial audience members were his friends and family. He actually showed them on their phones hwo to subscribe and listen to the show. He also carries business cards for his shows that he can hand out to anyone he meets.
  • He always asks what his "Perfect Audience Member" wants from his show.
  • Elijah is active on social media, but pays attention to whether or not those Facebook likes are converting to listeners and subscribers.
  • Elijah sets 3 month goals for each of his shows. This ensures that he is always making progress and growing his podcast.
  • A podcaster needs a mindset of determination to get through moments of discouragement.
  • Go to conferences associated with your podcast content to find and meet great guests for your show.
  • Elijah's first step in monetizing his show started by approaching local business and presented compelling stats and competitive advertising rates to get their first sponsors.

Elijah's Fantasy Podcaster: Bruce Lee

Elijah's Hypothetical Podcast About His Life: A Walk Of Contemplation

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