Hey there Pod Pals! I am thrilled to be talking to another member of our Podbean Family. Cliff Waddell is the host of The SANE Show, where he, along with his guests and friends, discuss a variety of random topics that are fun, entertaining and thought provoking.


Cliff's Podcasting Smarter Tips: 

  • Get a head start on your podcast production. Get your interviews pre-scheduled and recorded on a schedule. 


  • Cliff is constantly trying to make his show better. One way he does this is by studying what other successful podcasts are doing. 


  • Cliff focuses on content creation, content quality, content promotion, and content. 


  • He realized that after he nailed down his process, it freed him up to elevate the quality of his show. 


  • Having a podcast has improved his conversation, interview and sales skills. 


  • People want to be involved, and have a say in your show. 


  • 97% of his social media engagement comes from Instagram so that is where he spends his ad dollars. 


  • Cliff spends about 3-4 hours a day on his podcast. 


  • Cliff has podcast advisers! 


  • Celebrate the small wins. They will keep you motivated, and remind you why you are doing this. 


  • Cliff's advice for new podcasters is to always be planning. Don't get so comfortable that you forget about taking your podcast to the next level. That takes continuous planning in order to grow. 


Cliff's hypothetical podcast about his life: "Cliff Hanger" 


Cliff's fantasy podcaster: Jerry Seinfeld 


Please be sure to listen to The Sane Show on Podbean, or wherever you listen to podcasts. You can also follow Cliff in Twitter and @sane_show on Instagram. 

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