This week I am joined by Scott Wagaman, the co-host of Watch Talk Wrestling. Scott is apodcaster who has taken his extreme passion for wrestling and transformed itinto a unique podcast.

Scott shares what it's like wrestling with a podcast, and let's us know what he learned along the way to 100 episodes. 


Scott's Podcasting Smarter Tips:

  • Scott found a way to differentiate himself in the crowded genre of wrestling podcasts. To do this, he had to take his time launching the podcast until he figured out an angle to make his show unique.
  • The best money he has ever spent on his podcast was for better microphones. They now use Shure SM58 mics and pop filters for better sound quality.
  • They keep their podcast entertaining by adopting characters grounded in themselves while staying true to a wrestling theme.
  • They primarily use Twitter for social media. Follow them!
  • Outside of social media marketing, they print and handout fliers as people leave local music shows, and wrestling events.
  • They will also trade 30 second spots with other podcasts to tap into new audiences.
  • They are coordinating with other wrestling podcasts in their area for a regular round table to cross promote each other's shows.
  • He uses the ios app, Logo Creator that allows him to create logos and visuals from his phone.
  • They hit a rocky patch around episode 40, but decided that they should keep going, and now they are having even more fun than when they just started.
  • If Your numbers dip, don't get discouraged, because they will fluctuate.
  • Don't depend too heavily on iTunes, most of their downloads come from other listening platforms.

Scott's Fantasy Podcaster: Eddie Guerrero

Scott's Hypothetical Podcast About His Life: Farts and Boogers

Best Starter episode of Watch Talk Wrestling: WTW Ep. 73: The Monday Night Wars

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