We go on a real adventure with Kathy Pulkrabek, the intrepid co-host of XX Will Travel, a podcast for independent, women travelers. She is also a writer, editor, and occasional performer in Chicago. Join us as we unpack the details of her podcasting journey! 


Kathy's Podcasting Smarter Tips: 


  • As an avid solo traveler, Kathy grew frustrated with the number of people who thought it was weird for a woman to travel alone but thought nothing of a man doing the same thing. XX Will Travel became a way to find and serve a community of women travelers. 
  • She is delighted with the support and collaboration she has found with other women podcasters. 
  • Having a mission behind the podcast is empowering, and inspired them to create a popular "How To" series for women new to traveling by themselves. 
  • Their first live show was a success and a failure. They drew a huge crowd, but the show failed to record. Luckily, they were able to recreate the content of the show. 
  • One thing she loves about podcasting is how comfortable it is to hide behind the microphone, as an introvert. 
  • Her goal when they started the podcast was to be able to travel for free. They are still trying to get hotels to treat them more like travel bloggers, in order to get accommodations in exchange for coverage. 
  • Her other goal when she started the podcast was to learn new skills, and that has been accomplished. 
  • Their podcasting strength is that they are experts in their subject manner. Kathy and her co-host, Inez, have traveled to more than 50 countries.
  • She warns new podcasters that your show will take a lot more of your time than you estimate.
  • Be prepared to spend limitless amounts of time on social media in order to connect with your audience and promote your show.
  • She advises that new podcasters concentrate on quality about all else instead of downloads. If you produce quality content, the audience will come and stay. 
  • Finally, her best piece of advice is to choose a topic that you LOVE so you never get tired of talking about it. 


Kathy's Fantasy Podcaster: Princess Diana

Kathy's Hypothetical Podcast About Her Life: A Wholesome Mid-Westerner


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