This week we are joined by Joe Cozzo of The Joe Cozzo Show. Joe is a comedian, podcaster, and criminal defense attorney who describes his show as a podcast about absolutely nothing and everything.


Prepare to be guilty as charged of being a smarter podcaster thanks to Joe's unique podcasting insights!


"If you aren't doing video you are doing yourself an injustice." --Joe Cozzo


 Joe Cozzo's Podcasting Smarter Tips:

  • Joe is always searching for people with great stories. He uses a combination of Craigs List Ads, his past criminal clients, and interesting people in his life like Crazy Robert.
  • His interviewing skills are a direct result of studying Howard Stern.
  • Joe is so passionate about podcasting he gets up at 5:30am to start gathering research and organizing sound bites.
  • Joe preps his guests through email and texts rather than talk to them directly in order to keep the interview as fresh as possible. He instructs every guest to be as real as possible.
  • Everyone is unique if you listen. The key is makign the guest comfortable so they feel good talking to you and opening up about their life.
  • Joe recommends Facebook as the best tool to market your show. He has an active Facebook Page and is considering a group. He interract with everyone who comments on his page, and YouTube videos. He also invests in Facebook ads to expand the reach of his episodes.
  • Although he has one advertiser on his show, he is still working on how to generate enough revenue to allow him to work on his show full-time.
  • The thing that bothers him the most is that he doesn't yet have the resources to pay his regular guests, and the people who help behind the scenes. This is a big goal for the show as it continues to grow.
  • Joe experienced a huge boost to his show when he started complementing his audio content with YouTube videos. He strongly believes every podcaster needs to embrace video, especially Facebook Live.
  • Joe gives guests his home telephone number. He strongly believes that the key to building your audience is building real relationships. 
  • Joe uses a That-2 to record audio from his telephone.
  • Joe doesn't like to listen to shows similar to his because he doesn't want to be over-influenced.


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