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200 Episodes And Counting with Evan Harris of The Bearded Ones Podcast: Season 02 Ep.7

December 31, 2016



Do you dream of the day when you can say you've reached 200 podcast episodes?  My guest this week has accomplished that podcasting milestone. Evan Harris is an improviser and actor in Greenville, SC. He is also the creator and co-host of The Bearded Ones Podcast and generously shares his perspective after reaching his 200th episode.


Evan Harris' Podcasting Smarter Tips:

  • His podcast is a prime example of podcast evolution. His early episodes were burdoned with a rigid format that wasn't working, and horrible sound quality. Luckily, they made the changes needed to improve the show, but it took some time to get there. Big Lesson: Don't quit, work on getting better, and keep going!
  • He and his co-host, Jason Underwood alway skeep their goal in mind: To always be entertaining and/or funny.  This means aggressively editing out any pieces of the show that just aren't interesting. Big Lesson: You need to edit your show
  • Don't assume that people want to hear you talk. They don't.
  • Evan and Jason both prep for the show by collecting notes, stories, and video clips prior to each episode, and collaborate prior to every show. However, they are careful not to over-prep so they can react to each other's contributions in an authentic manner.
  • Evan's only regret is not starting his podcast sooner. It's a struggle competing with A-D list celebrities with built-in followings who are now getting into podcasting.
  • Sometimes, it's like getting water from a stine when he and Jason think a topic or bit for the show will be great, and it's not workign out the way they imagines. He's learned that by doubling down on it, they often get to some golden content, and they can edit out the junk in post production.
  • There were some distinct peaks and valleys getting to their 200th episode. Two years ago they took a six month break when they got both busy and discouraged with their download numbers. And yes, it killed their download numbers until they recommitted to the show and decided to produce regular content no matter what.
  • Another strategy that helped their numbers was actively joining kindred networks and using those platforms for cross promotion and exposure to new audiences.
  • Evan pointed out that unlike traditional media, nobody can make you stop podcasting but you. In other words, anyone can make it to 200 episodes if they take the committment to their show seriously.


Evan's Fantasy Podcaster: Zombie Abe Lincoln

Evan's Hypothetical Podcast About His Life: "True Self Deprecation"

Good Starter Episode of The Bearded Ones Podcast: Episode 200!


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